Disc Golf, (Also known as Frisbee Golf or Frolf) is a very fun sport that is very much like traditional golf (or Ball Golf) but with a couple small differences. In Disc Golf, instead of using a club, you use a Disc (or Frisbee). Instead of a small hole for your target, you throw into a metal target suspended from the ground with hanging chains to catch the disc and a basket for the disc to land into. Just like traditional golf, the goal is to get the disc into the basket using the fewest possible throws. The difference between a Frisbee and a disc, is the disc has a beveled edge which allows farther distance while throwing.

In traditional golf, distance is based off of yardage, in which Disc Golf is based off of footage. Most holes in Disc Golf are Par 3s, but you will occasionally find courses with Par 4s and sometimes Par 5s. Disc Golf holes can range from anywhere between 150ft to sometimes 1,200 ft. and everywhere in between. Instead of a Tee Box, Disc Golf has Tee Pads which are slabs of concrete averaging 5ft X 10ft for good footing while throwing the disc.

Disc Golf is very similar to traditional golf in the sense of needing specific form and mechanics to throw the disc, great focus on every shot, as well as etiquacy, being courteous, honesty, and integrity.

There are well over 3,000 courses alone in the US and growing every day. There is even former ball golf courses that have now been converted to Disc Golf.

Disc Golf is a very fun sport/activity that is family, child and dog friendly. Anyone can play this game (All ages and sizes). There is a quick learning curve and more room for error compared to traditional golf. This makes it more enjoyable to play and more chances for success.

One great thing about DG, is how inexpensive it is to play.

The most you will pay for a brand new disc is about $25 or less. Unlike ball golf where one club can cost hundreds of dollars.

Another great aspect to the game is that there are NO GREEN FEES!

Most courses take place at a public park, therefore you don’t have to pay to play. The only real time you would have to pay, is if a course is installed in a State or National park where you would pay for your parking permit. Not spendy at all!

Not to mention there are NO TEE TIMES!

You play when you want to play. Morning, afternoon, even night time! (There are Glow in the Dark discs as well!)

There are three main types of Disc Golf discs: Driver, Mid-Range and Putter. Most discs are about the same size (8.5in. or so) but weigh anywhere from 150 grams to 180 grams. There are thousands of different types of discs for any style of player.

You can play Disc Golf at any level you desire. You can play casually or you can compete in local clubs and tournaments around your surrounding area, to becoming professional and compete with the world’s greatest Disc Golfers around the globe.

Disc Golf is great sport that is very fun to play. You get good exercise and get to enjoy beautiful Mother Nature while also playing this great game. Time to get some discs and let’s hear those sweet sounds of chains!